As a dedicated public servant and proven community leader, I am passionate about representing Olathe’s residents and ensuring its city services meet the demands of our growing community. We must have leadership that is accessible, responsive, and bold in its vision for Olathe.
Public Safety

Olathe has world-class Police and Fire Departments. As a former military and civilian police officer, I am obviously Pro-Police. As City Council member, I will make it a top priority to ensure that these fine organizations continue to have the resources they need to meet Olathe's growing population. 


As Olathe continues to grow, housing is becoming more of a concern: 

  • We need apartments in various price ranges. Too many times "luxury" apartments are too expensive for those moving into their first place or those downsizing in their retirement years.

  • We need affordable independent and assisted living communities for our senior citizens.

  • We need a permanent shelter in Olathe that provides housing and assistance to our homeless population. 

Ensuring that ALL of Olathe can find the housing they need is important - no one should be left behind. 

Responsive Leadership

Residents are frustrated by what appears to be a lack of responsiveness from elected officials. Elected officials work for the people and must be accessible and responsive to their constituents. As an elected official, I will address all questions, concerns, or issues and work together for a solution. 


Olathe, as a community, is rich in diversity. We welcome people from all over the country and the world with open hearts and open arms. Diversity is more than where a person is from. It is including all who might be marginalized by the majority. Everyone who lives or works in Olathe should feel welcomed, valued, and safe. Our city will only thrive when diversity in culture, race, religion, gender, and orientation are commonplace. 

Eye to the Future

As a member of the Olathe Strategic Planning Advisory Board, I worked with other community leaders to look ahead and plan for 2040. From infrastructure, transportation, and community planning, to education, employment, and health. The city must be forward-thinking and bold in actively preparing for the challenges ahead. 


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