I was pleased to have the opportunity to respond to questions and conduct an interview with the Johnson County Public Policy Council. Please check out my interview here: 

David Ellis | Regional Asset Protection, Operations & Safety Director

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alan Marston for the last 15 years in a leadership capacity at our employer. Alan is first and foremost a family man. He and Jill have raised two lovely girls and most every conversation with Alan includes his family. He’s a regular guy who cares deeply for the community. I can say that Alan is tenacious on problems he is trying to solve and inclusive with building relationships to help solve those problems. He is direct and cuts through and gets to the heart of the matter. His military service and law enforcement service show he cares for his country and is passionate about the safety of his community. Vote for Alan and vote for common sense leadership, community and business oriented growth, and representation that will be inclusive of all Olathe’s diverse residents. I know he will seek your voice and truly listen on ways to grow your community and keep it safe for your families."

Mike Weathered | Olathe Teacher

"I've had the pleasure of calling Alan Marston a friend for 11 years. In that time, I've witnessed in action his empathy, common sense, intelligence, integrity, and genuine concern for the well-being of others. As a teacher, I appreciate Alan's dedication in promoting quality public education. He is sincere in his praise of our tremendous local school districts, and is frank in his discussions about ways to help make our schools even better. Alan understands that a community thrives when it produces high quality youth through the public schools and will work tirelessly to support the Olathe district, its students, and its professionals. I've been fortunate to teach elective leadership courses for the last several years. In my conversations and interactions with Alan, it's clear that he possesses a leadership trait that separates him from so many others: the ability to not only hear the voices of others, but to LISTEN to what those voices are saying. I can say without hesitation that with Alan on City Council, your voice will be heard AND listened to. I wholeheartedly recommend to the people of Olathe to cast their ballot for Alan Marston."

John Morris | Chief of Police | Roeland Park, KS

"You have a great opportunity to make a difference in Olathe by voting for Alan Marston for City Council. His dedication to the community, public safety, and true family values make him an excellent choice to be your representative. I have known Alan for several years and would recommend him highly for his leadership skills and knowledge of how to get the job done right the FIRST time. Please know that you will not be disappointed with your vote."

Brad Gilbert | Store Manager

"I’ve known and have worked with Alan for 15 years. I see how his leadership makes an impact on people.  I can tell you that Alan is a person of integrity and has a great passion for helping people, not just at work but in his community.  Alan has always had a true heart for the community and working closely with community leaders.  Your vote for Alan will not only benefit Olathe, but will give a different mindset for the entire city. By voting for Alan you will help the community grow and be stronger for years to come."

Amy Pursley | RN Case Manager 

"I am very inspired and proud of our friends Alan Marston and his wife Jill for working so hard to make a difference in their community. If you live in Olathe, please consider voting for Alan for City Council. A former veteran and police officer, Alan is a public servant at heart.  This is very evident by his efforts to meet, connect, and listen to people during his campaign. He is passionate about making positive changes and improving lives. The people of Olathe would be better for having him work for them!"


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